CEO´s Message

“It’s been a long journey – from a humble beginning with a small medical store in the early 70's – to a multi-million dollar business house, servicing a broad spectrum of the value chain in the field of Health Care services, and eventful, too.

Making our way through the difficult times in the Middle East during the early Gulf war through the Iraq Invasion and the Global Financial Crisiswasn’t easy. During the course, many came and gone but, we never wavered in our commitment to deliver quality products and services through good times and bad.

Our simple beliefs in commitment, consistency, persistence, and our pride in our relationships with our customers, our suppliers and our staff, is the basis for our success to-date and will remain at our core for the future, too.

I can still see my first supplier, first customer and first staff still working together for more than three decades. It is this bond of collaboration and cooperation that has helped us to be a valued member of the supplier group in the Healthcare field and one of the most diversified group of companies delivering across all verticals in the HC market.

I call on all of you to join hands in the spirit of cooperation, to deliver on our simple motto: "Enhancement... Commitment &Delivery our Today and Tomorrow”

— Dr. Farid Mobayed

Computer Tables / Language Lab


AMILAB offers high quality computer tables in simple yet elegant designs, made using complete Laminated Plywood/MDF either using the H-Frame or Cantilever Frame using a fixed CPU holder or with mobile castors. We also have a unique Flower Table design, ideal for modern computer labs.

The language laboratory is an audio or audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching to perfect their foreign language pronunciation. The language laboratory furniture is more or less the same construction as per AMILAB standards, which incorporates a center partition on the desk and with the acrylic sheet on the rear side.