CEO´s Message

“It’s been a long journey – from a humble beginning with a small medical store in the early 70's – to a multi-million dollar business house, servicing a broad spectrum of the value chain in the field of Health Care services, and eventful, too.

Making our way through the difficult times in the Middle East during the early Gulf war through the Iraq Invasion and the Global Financial Crisiswasn’t easy. During the course, many came and gone but, we never wavered in our commitment to deliver quality products and services through good times and bad.

Our simple beliefs in commitment, consistency, persistence, and our pride in our relationships with our customers, our suppliers and our staff, is the basis for our success to-date and will remain at our core for the future, too.

I can still see my first supplier, first customer and first staff still working together for more than three decades. It is this bond of collaboration and cooperation that has helped us to be a valued member of the supplier group in the Healthcare field and one of the most diversified group of companies delivering across all verticals in the HC market.

I call on all of you to join hands in the spirit of cooperation, to deliver on our simple motto: "Enhancement... Commitment &Delivery our Today and Tomorrow”

— Dr. Farid Mobayed

GAS System, HVAC – MEP & Civil


LIWA Contracting and General Maintenance a sister company of the Al Mazroui Group , has over a decade of experience as a mechanical contracting company serving commercial, institutional, and industrial customers both large and small. We focus on excellence and offer personalized services to ensure world-class design and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Scope of Work

System design and drafting is carried out using computer software such as AutoCAD. Scope of services comprises the design/engineering of the mechanical and electrical & plumbing systems.

Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

Design, Supply, installation, Testing and Commissioning of Air conditioning and Ventilation works on turnkey basis including chillers, packaged type central air conditioning systems, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Precision air conditioning units, Ducted and window split AC units, Chilled water pipeline works, Chilled water pumps, GI and MS ducting and decorative ducting, Industrial and commercial ventilation systems for Residential, Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Buildings.

  • Refrigeration machines with accessories.
  • Cooling towers, pumps or air-cooled A/C plant.
  • Air handling units, fan coil units.
  • Ventilation/exhaust fans.
  • Chilled water, condenser water and drain piping, insulation. (As required).
  • Ducting, grilles, diffusers, dampers, insulation. (For common areas fully but for other areas up to the wall limits and not internally).
  • Controls.

Electrical Installations

  • Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Transformers, MV Panel, Diesel Generator sets & ATS, Busbar Trunking systems, HV/MV/LV/MICC cables and cable termination.
  • Supply and installation of Cable tray and trunking, Floor trunking, skirting trunking, etc.
  • Supply and installation of Earthling and Lightning protection systems.
  • Supply and installation of Internal Light fittings, external pole lights and facade lighting.
  • Design, Supply and installation of control panel systems.

Plumbing and Drainage Systems

Design, Supply, Installation and commissioning of Plumbing, water supply systems and drainage networks including design and installation of pumping systems for various buildings and for outdoor drainage systems, storm drainage and irrigation water supply networks, underground sewage piping works, storm water drainage systems.

Civil Works

Our general civil engineers work closely with surveyors and specialized civil engineers to fit and serve fixed projects within given site, community and terrain, by designing grading, drainage, pavement, water supply, sewer service, electric and communications supply and land (real property) divisions. Construction engineers engage in the design of structures temporary, cost estimating, planning and scheduling, materials procurement, selection of equipment, and cost control.

We provide a comprehensive spectrum of laboratory refurbishment services, through a team of highly qualified engineers with proven expertise in their respective disciplines.



Scope of work

  • Medical Gas System, (Gas piping, AVSU, Manifolds, Air & Vacuum Plant, AGSS and LOX)
  • Laboratory Gas System (All type laboratory and Industries type gas system and VI piping)
  • Gas Leak Detection System (Gas Detector, Control Panel and Auto shutdown system)
  • Modular OT (complete modular OT, surgical panel, and control panel)
  • Lead Shielding & Lead Glass
  • Nurse Call System (speech & non-speech type, corridor display, paging system, and door control)
  • Public address/Announcement system (Ceiling and Wall type Speakers)
  • Pneumatic Tube System (tubing, Central Controller, Transponder, Diverter, Carrier Damper and Receiving Basket)
  • Bed Head Unit and Pendant System (all type of patient BHU, AN and surgical pendants)
  • LPG System (Piping & Fittings, Tank, vaporizer, detector, solenoid valve and ball valve)